12 Portraits (2008)
12 etched plates, inset into a curved slate wall

Bristol, Cabot Circus



A series of 12 etchings of heads, responding to the different histories and cultures of the incredibly large number of people who worked on the development, local people as well as people originating from all around the world. An edition of prints were made from the plates, before the plates were permanently installed into a curved polished slate wall, part of the central stairwell to Cabot Circus.

The buildings themselves are, in a way, monuments to the work force, by creating a small, permanent and detailed record of just twelve of the different individuals, Goodwin hoped to evoke and suggest a sense of the personal contribution of the thousands. From featuring the individuals who are leading the whole development, across the spectrum including the bricklayers and canteen staff, in a single horizontal line in no particular order, a kind of democracy of shared endeavour is emphasised. Placing this small scale series of portraits in the heart of the development next to the central stairwell and underneath the epic roof attempts to counterbalance in someway the eventual inevitable invisibility of these people, this area being a place where visitors to Cabot Circus are encouraged to sit, rest, eat and talk.

Each plate is 10cm X 10cm and chrome faced.

Bs1 was a two year programme of creative interventions in response to the evolution of Cabot Circus, in Bristol from building site to retail centre. Six artists, were invited to participate in the BS1 programme by Neville Gabie who was the artist in residence during the build from 2006 to 2008, working closely with Sam Wilkinson of InSite Arts.

Documentation of 12 Portraits (2008)