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Capture (11 scratched photographs) (2001)

These 11 individual portraits were selected from a single evening spent photographing unsuspecting passers-by in the same London location. Using the point of a compass as a drawing device, the head and face of each photographic portrait has been traced in scratches. The net like matrix of lines that develops over the faces of the individuals acts simultaneously as a device to reveal the underlying physical structure yet also to protect and shroud the individual from the onlooker's gaze. The hesitant and almost tender touch of the scratched tracings has the paradoxical effect of distorting the individual's surface expression. Goodwin extends the moments caught within each image by the double process of photographing and then retracing these individuals.

'(Goodwin's work portrays) the constant relationship we have with the anonymous other...voyeurism as caress, surveillance as intimacy.'
Richard Dyer
CONTEMPORARY Magazine (Issue Feb. 2002)