Matt (2002) (pencil on paper) 40.6cm x 57.2cm  
Drawings of people I know

This page contains a number of examples of a continuing series of drawings of people known to Goodwin.

The multi-layered pencil drawings hold an innate serenity in the mesh of overlapped expressions they contain. Snapshots of emotion have been worked over through the act of drawing to imbue each portrait with a level of intimacy in the relationship between Goodwin and the subjects who are all friends or family.

The fragility of the pencil line is sometimes barely visible due to the scale of the white paper and the distance at which the viewer is required to stand in order to have an overall sense of the figure and the multifarious stances they have been captured in.

The portraits divulge a sense of the time spent studying the facial and bodily gestures of the subjects through the medium of the pencil. The fragments of time captured in the photos are suspended further through the actual duration spent drawing; small details and expressions are given intense concentration. The process of layering is an attempt to contain in a single image more detail about the individual. Although they are all two dimensional images each drawing has a different time release as the viewer's focus shifts over time as they discover the various expressions that are embedded in each drawing.


Jeff (2001) (pencil on paper) 136.5 x 101.5cm
Meschen (2001) (pencil on paper) 136.5 x 101.5cm
Darius (2001) (pencil on paper) 136.5 x 101.5cm

Richard (2001) (pencil on paper) 136.5 x 101.5cm
Mike (2001) (pencil on paper) 136.5 x 101.5cm