A book collaboration with Tony Grisoni

Edition of 12, hand bound, using old boxing glove leather, drypoint etchings and hand types pages



“Dryden and myself found ourselves in the amateur boxing ring via the hidden world of new immigrants, a bar in Dalston and Visconti's 'Rocco E I Suoi Fratelli’. We were a team. He was pictures. I was words. That was the deal. As in a movie, the two are inseparable, each defined by the other. A dance or sparring session. Dryden scampers round the ring, copper plate and stylus in hand - a primitive image thief. I am determined to write nothing. I scour the peeling walls, the ceiling, the stained canvas. Trawling for words:  headlines on yellowed sports pages, lists of past club champions, photocopied pages of dusty wisdom - 'Home of Champions'. Round 3. Don's words underscore, inspire, discipline the action. Jabbed out or sung. Sounds. Caresses. Rhythm is everything. Punches. Stains. Sweat. Timeslip. We emerge reeling. Privileged. Looking to the return match”
Tony Grisoni

Preview Tuesday 6.00-8.30pm 25 October 2005. 7.30pm reading by Jamie Foreman from REPTON A.B.C

One day exhibition 26 October 11.00am-5.00pm at the Slade School of Fine Art, Woburn Studios, Woburn Square

Tony Grisoni - Biography
Tony has worked in many different areas of film making before turning to screenwriting. Queen of Hearts 1989 was his award winning first feature. He has worked closely with a number of directors including John Boorman, Terry Gilliam and Michael Winterbottom, as well as the artist, Brian Catling. Grisoni is also proud to count himself amongst the crew on board the ship of fools: The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. In 2001, Tony Grisoni made the overland trek along the people smugglers’ route from the Pakistan/Afghan border to Europe with the director, MichaelWinterbottom. The resulting film, In This World, 2002won the Berlinale’s Golden Bear award. Current productions include: Brothers of the Head. A story about twin Siamese rockers. From the novel by Brian Aldiss. Tideland. Alice meets Psycho. Directed by Terry Gilliam. The Lives of the Saints. Sinners in 'Little Cyprus', Haringey. Death Defying Acts. Houdini meets his nemesis. In collaboration with Brian Ward. How I Live Now. From the novel by Meg Rosoff. For Thomas Vinterberg to direct. Dan Leno And The Limehouse Golem. To be directed by John Maybury  A Winter. A new collaboration with artist, Brian Catling.

A Slade School of Fine Art Research project

The artist Caroline Isgar has brought together artist and writer through the medium of the Artist’s Book, a research initiative inspired by her collaborative work with the writer Michèle Roberts exploring the relationship between the image and the written word. The Slade’s research programme has facilitated the development of this innovative research collaboration. Generous financial support from the UCL Friends made this ambitious project possible. Plates printed by Martin Saull, text typed by James Keith, bound by Clare Bryan, published by the Slade Press 2005.


Documentation of REPTON A.B.C. (2005)