Dryden Goodwin
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26 JULY 2015 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2342204/Art-Underground-Artists-brighten-Tube-abstracts-portraits--nudes.html
16 Variety (US Edition), November 15, 2016
  Article: 'Camerimage Presents Different Faces of the Documentary Genre' by Will Tizard
16 Tandis Magazine, Iran, Autumn Issue 2016
  Profile: 'Dryden Goodwin'
16 Photo World magazine, China, April Issue 2016
  Profile: 'Dryden Goodwin: Decode the World'
16 The National, Scotland, 31st March
  Article: 'Profile: The Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival'
16 IFFR Magazine, Rotterdam, 1st February
  Review: Unseen: The Lives of Looking by Archana Nathan
16 Spark Magazine, Poland, January 2016
  Interview: Unseen The Lives of Looking with Urszula Lipinska
15 The Copenhagen Post, Denmark, November 2015
  Article: At cinemas: Four more opportunities knock at DOX, featuring - Unseen: The Lives of Looking by Mark Walker
15 Interalia Magazine, August 2015
  Interview: 'Unseen. Seen' issue with Richard Bright
15 Apollo Magazine, 26th July, 2015
  'Seeing through space and time' by Peter Yeung
15 The White Review, July, 2015
  'White Screen' writer's response to 'Closer' a collaboration with Film and Video Umbrella: by Lauren Elkin
15 Apollo Magazine, 26th March
  Review: 'Unseen: The Lives of Looking' by Peter Yeung
15 www.culture24.org.uk, Monday 2nd March
  Feature: Artist's Statement
15 Wall Street International, March 2015
  Feature: Unseen: The Lives of Looking
15 Timeout: Now Hear This, 23 March 2015
  41 rad things happening in London this week
15 Timeout: The cultural calendar for 2015
  Ten museum exhibitions we're excited to see in London in 2015
14 Aesthetica Magazine, 13 May 2014
  Article: Poised
14 Culture 24, 6 May 2014
  Ten art exhibitions to see this month: including Poised by Ben Miller
14 Interalia Magazine, August 2014
  Article: Poised
13 Rough on-line, 7th October 2013
  Review: Presentation at Raindance Festival Annemette Tolstrup
13 Daily Mail, 15 June 2013
  Article: Art on the Underground! Anna Edwards
13 The Guardian, 7 February 2013
  Article: Art on the Underground down the line - in pictures Art and design
13 LondonCalling.com, 1 February 2013
  Interview: about an evening working with the Campaign for Drawing Katie Moritz
12 The Guardian, Thursday 25th October 2012
  Article: Breathe by John Vidal
12 Invisible Dust on youtube, Thursday 18th October 2012
  A documentary film of the launch of: Breathe by Emma Crouch
12 www.parliament.uk, Monday 15th October 2012
  Environmental Audit Committee Announcement: Breathe Discussion at the House of Commons
12 Londonist, 16 October 2012
  Review: Art On The Underground Releases Two New Books Matt Brown
12 www.designweek.co.uk, Monday 8th October 2012
  Article: Breathe by Tom Banks
12 www.timeout.com, Monday, 1st October 2012
  Breathe Extract Video Exclusive
12 www.timeout.com, 1st October 2012
  Preview: Breathe
12 Time Out, 2nd-8th October 2012
  Preview: Breathe by Martin Coomer
12 The Making of 'This Exquisite Forest', Tate Modern and Google, July 2012
  Video: The Making of 'This Exquisite Forest' on youtube
12 www.nowness.com, 2nd July 2012
  Article: Poised on NOWNESS
12 Aesthetica Magazine, 20th February 2012
  Interview with Steven Bode: About Canary Wharf Screen | Art on the Underground | Season 1 Film and Video Umbrella
11 Culture24, 9 November 2011
  White Tube Space: Tamsin Dillon talks about showing Art on the Underground on NOWNESS
11 Tiroler Tageszeitung, 1st September 2011
  Review: Coax by Von Ivona Jelcic
11 Tiroler Krone, 1st September 2011
  Review: Coax by Claudia Thurner
11 telegraph.co.uk, 18th August 2011
  Art Feature: Drawing Projects: Dryden Goodwin interview in conversation with Jack Southern
10 guardian.co.uk, 16th October 2010
  Feature: Hang them - Very unofficial royal portraits Edited by Becky Barnicoat
10 artlicks.com, June 2010
  Review: One Thing Leads to Another, Everything is Connected by Lily Hall
10 ArtSlant 'Unlocking Art in the Underground', March 2010
  Review: Linear by David Yu
10 guardian.co.uk, 8th February 2010
  Review: Linear by Jonathan Jones
10 ITV News - London Tonight, Saturday 6th February 2010
  TV report: Linear Reporter Robin Ross
10 BBC London, Robert Elms show 4th February 2010
Interview: with Robert Elms
09 Guardian - Guide to Drawing, Saturday 19 September 2009
  Guide: Edited by Nell Card and Dale Berning
09 1000 Words Photography, Contemporary Photography Magazine Online, Portrait Issue, Summer 2009 issue 05
  Book Review: 'Cast' Monograph By Michael Grieve
09 FOTO8, 18 Jun 2009
  Book Review: 'Cast' Monograph By Guy Lane
09 guardian.co.uk, Fri 19 Jun 2009
  Review: Pattern Recognition, The City Gallery, Leicester By Laura McLean-Ferris
09 The Korea Herald, 18 Jun 2009
Review: London Calling - Who Gets to Run the World, British Contemporary Art, Total Museum, Seoul, Korea By Park Min-young
09 guardian.co.uk, Fri 27 Jun 2009
  Preview: Pattern Recognition, The City Gallery, Leicester By Robert Clark
09 Flash Art online.com, 2009
  On-line Artists Dictionary
09 Art World, February/March 2009
  Interview: with Sarah Elson
08 Photography Now, November 2008
  Article: Cast by Claudia Stein
08 guardian.co.uk, 8th October 2008
  Review: Cast... by Jonathan Jones
08 Metro, 2nd October 2008
  Review: Cast...by Zena Alkayat
08 londonist.com, October 2008
  Review: Cast...
08 Timeout, 2-8 October 2008
  Preview: In the studio. by Helen Sumpter
08 West End Extra, September 2008
  Preview: by Jamie Welham
08 The Times, 20th September 2008
Rachael Campbell-Johnston's five top Galleries: Francis Bacon; Rothko; Cut and Paste Photomontage 1920-50; Dryden Goodwin - Cast
07 Oregonian, USA, June 2007
  Review: Flight... by Brian Libby
07 Platform International Animation Festival Catalogue, June 2007
  Essay: A Tension - Dryden Goodwin’s - Flight: the search for a line by Gareth Evans
06 Time Out, September 13 - 20 2006
  Review: Portrait Perspectives by Martin Coomer
06 Untitled, Issue Number 38, Summer 2006
  Review: Flight - Chisenhale Gallery by Charlotte Bonham-Carter
06 Untitled, Issue Number 37, Spring 2006
  Review: The Animators by Megan O’Shea
06 Art Review April 2006
  Review: The Animators by Charles Danby
06 Art Monthly February 2006
  Review: The Animators by Sally O'Reilly
06 Time Out - November 11-18
  Review: Dryden Goodwin - Chisenhale Gallery Helen Sumpter
06 www.kultureflash.net - February 2006
  Preview: Dryden Goodwin - Chisenhale Gallery
06 Guardian Guide, 28th January 2006
  Preview: Dryden Goodwin - Chisenhale Gallery by JL
05 Contemporary, Issue 72 January 2005
  Review: Dryden Goodwin - Stephen Friedman Gallery.. by Katie Kitamura
05 The Hindu -16 thSeptember 2005
  Review: Cross Town Traffic... by Gayatri Sinha
05 The Independent - 1st January 2005
The five best shows in London; Eye's Lies & Illusions Hayward Gallery, Keith Tyson - Haunch of Venison, Gwen John and Augustus John -Tate Britain, Dryden Goodwin - Stephen Friedman Gallery, Futurist Skies - Estorick Collection.
05 Contemporary Magazine - January 2005
  Profile: No Fade Away by Steven Bode
04 The Independent - 4th December 2004
The five best shows in London; Faces in a Crowd - Whitechapel Gallery, Joan Jonas - Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, Michael Landy - Tate Britain,
Dryden Goodwin - Stephen Friedman Gallery, Pedro Cabrita Reis/ Francis Picabia - Camden Arts Centre.
04 www.kultureflash.net - November 2004
  Preview: Stephen Friedman Gallery exhibition
04 The Guardian November 2004
  Preview: Stephen Friedman Gallery show by Craig Burnett
04 ArtForum November 2004
  Review: Eastward Ho by Martin Herbert
04 Manuscript, January 2004
  Interview: Following the opening of Dilate at Manchester Art Gallery by Leo Batchelor
03 The Burlington Magazine, Sept 2003
  Review: International Biennale by Simon Wallis
03 The Independent, Features, Visual Arts, November 6, 2003
  Review: The Old Painter and the Sea;
Turner: the Late Seascapes, Goodwin:
by Lynne Walker
03 BBC website November 2003
  Review: Dilate by Richard Fair
03 Manchester Evening News
  Review: Dryden's a screen star by Riazat Butt
03 The Guardian 17 November 2003
Going out: Picks of the week, Lyn Gardner
03 The Guardian 1st November 2003
  Preview: JMW Turner/Dryden Goodwin, Manchester Art Gallery by Robert Clark
03 Washington Post, N5, 22 June 2003
  At the Biennale, These Finds Are Keepers, Things are Looking up by Blake Gopnik
03 The Times, Arts, Visual art, June 18, 2003
  Review: Venice Biennale by Rachel Campbell-Johnston
03 Film-Philosophy Journal - Vol. 7 No. 8, April 2003
  Letter from London by Chris Darke
03 www.kultureflash.net - April 2003
  Preview: Artist's talk, National Film Theatre
03 Art Monthly - January 2003
  Review: Reality Check
02 www.tangents.co.uk.net - April 2002
  Andy Warhol retrospective - Tate Modern by Alistair Fitchett
02 www.kultureflash.net - February 2002
  Preview: Closer Art Now Tate Britain
02 Sight and Sound - June 2002
  Welcome to the Metropolis
Gareth Evans assesses two recent artworld visualisations of the city and its discontents
02 The Times - Wednesday April 17th 2002
  Set the laser to Stun by Richard Cork
Review of Closer at Tate Britain
02 Contemporary - April 2002
  The Expectant Image
Mark Gisbourne profiles the work of Dryden Goodwin
02 Time Out - March 6-13 2002 - Art Review
  Dryden Goodwin - Tate Britain by Sarah Kent
02 Slade - Spring 2002
  Transcript of interview with Aliki Braine
Published in Slade - a series of publications exploring the work of past students of The Slade School of Fine Art - Issue 2, including interviews and articles on the work of Tacita Dean, Dryden Goodwin, Douglas Gordon, Georgina Starr, Smith/Stewart.
02 The Observer - Sunday April 7, 2002
  Let your fingers do the looking by Laura Cumming
Article review - Christian Boltanski's show at South London Gallery and Dryden Goodwin at Tate Britain
02 Contemporary
Preview February 2002
02 The Guardian - G2 - 11th March 2002
Going Out - Pick of the week - Exhibitions
Stan Douglas- Serpentine Gallery, Colin Lowe and Roddy Thomson - Vilma Gold, Dryden Goodwin - Tate Britain, Transition : The London Scene in the 50's - Barbican Art Gallery
02 The Times - Play - March 2 - 8, 2002
Times critics choose the hottest arts and entertainment
Rachael Campbell-Johnston's five best shows: From Poussin to Picasso - Summerset House, The Glass Aquarium - The Design Museum, Dryden Goodwin: Closer - Tate Britain, Last of a Breed - National Theatre, Ardiana Varejao - Victoria Miro Gallery
02 Timeout.com - March and April 2002
The months recommend exhibitions
01 Frieze issue 58 April 2001
  Revue of Dryden Goodwin's solo show - Neal Brown
01 Vogue Hommes International - Fall / Winter 00-01 - Photography
  Time Lapse by David Brittain
Article exploring the work of Sam Taylor-Wood, Tim Macmillian and Dryden Goodwin
01 Depict - August September 2000
  Six shows recommended by David Brittain
00 Mute Magazine - Issue 17 April 2000
  After the Fact: Video Positive 2000 by Rhidian Davis
00 Art Monthly cover March 2000
  Profile Dryden Goodwin 'People Watching' - Catherine Elwes
00 The Guardian
Review Video Positive - The Other Side of Zero
00 Sunday Independent Review Video Positive
  The Other Side of Zero
00 Independent - Reality Magazine 5th march 2000
The Other Side of Zero
99 The Guardian July 7th
Jonathan Jones - Dryden Goodwin - Recent Video Work
99 The Guardian Guide North (Saturday) June 12th
billed as number 3 'See this!' Dryden Goodwin-Recent Video Work
99 The Guardian Guide North Jun 26th- Jul 2nd and Jul 3rd - 9th
billed as number 5 'See this!' Dryden Goodwin - Recent Video Work
99 Art - NR Das Kunstmagazin - August 1999
video cult/ures
99 Form - Zeitschrift fur gestaltung - Juli/august
video cult/ures
99 Sudkurier. - July
Ruckkehr zum Realen - video cult/ures
99 KULTUR - June
Wenn Videos erzahlen - video cult/ures
99 Bridges - Glimpses from the other side - May/August
Dr. Ursula Frohne's article following her participation as part of the German cultural delegation on the New Media Tour in the UK in autumn 98
99 Transcript - Volume 3 - spring
  Interview with Simon Wallis.
98 The Guardian - October 17
  Jonathan Romney on Pandaemonium
98 Time Out - November 11-18
  Martin Herbert on Pandaemonium
98 Artists Newsletter- December
  Nick Houghton on Pandaemonium
98 Contemporary visual arts - issue 20 - Autumn
Keith Patrick on SOLO X 9: Artists in Clerkenwell
98 Art REVIEW - October
Rosie Millard - SOLO X 9: Artists in Clerkenwell
Blueprint -June
  Fiona Rattray on Paved with Gold
98 Untitled - Spring
  Gavin Wade on Real Fiction
98 Cambridge Insider - 21st May - 3 June
Toby Venables on Paved with Gold
98 contemporary visual arts - issue 17 - spring
Mark Gisbourne on 'The Contemporaries Contemporaries'
97 Time Out - September
  Sarah Kent - Beck's New Contemporaries 97
97 Art Monthly - July
David Barrett- Beck's New Contemporaries 97