The Calvert Centre Project (2007)



A permanent commission made for a new building that combines health and local authority services in Hull.

During September and October 2007 Goodwin, created a series of small pencil portraits of individuals who represent the wide variety of people who will work at or visit the Calvert Centre.  The constellation that this circle of portraits creates is an acknowledgement of the multitude of people that come into contact at the centre and also a celebration of their individuality.

Importantly these portraits were made by the artist from direct observation whilst in the company of each individual. The conversation between the artist and sitter influenced the development of each drawing. The time it took for each of the portraits to be made was between 20 to 40 minutes.

The small drawings have been enlarged as photographic prints to make them viewable from a distance. The location they are shown in is particularly significant. The portraits are suspended above the main intersection where people arrive before dispersing into different areas of the centre to interact in a variety of ways.

The portraits depict patients, local residents of different ages, a doctor, a practice nurse, administrative staff, two local ward councillors, receptionists, council advisors and officers.

The artist has commented on the project, saying that “Sitting down to make portraits of people moments after meeting them is engaging and intense. With each person we didn’t sit in silence, we talked as I was making the drawings. Each person brought their unique perspective, stories and character. Gaining a sense of someone through talking, looking, listening and drawing is a very vivid experience. My approach to each drawing seemed to change with each person and I hope the portraits in some way bring out distinctive qualities of each individual.”

Dryden Goodwin would like to thank all those people featured in the circle of portraits:

Tani Baig, Dr Farhad, Charlotte Gledhill, Neil Greenwood, Andy Harness, Eaton Hines, Stephen Hull, Shaun Hunter, Mohammed Ishfaq, Alex Jenkins, Errol Lyons, Eve Montgomerie, Linda Ollett Shopass, Michelle Rondell, Heather Self, Rachael Skerrett, Jeremy Smawfield, John Ward, Jean Ward, Helena Woods.

Thanks also to others who has supported the project:

Les Adam, Graham Alexander, Edward Allington (lead artist for the city-wide arts and health programme) Gavin Barley, Kath Beckett, Mavis Bilton, Mark Boothby, Melissa Brolls, Rob Cawkwell, Ruth Drake, Kent Dewar, John Easter, John Hall, Jon Holding, Tony Hindley, Paul Holloway, Sheila Jones, June Jones, Terry Kilburn, Tracey Kingdom, Connor Kirby, Kath Lavery, Jenny Leach, Tom Lomax, Nicholas Long, Lucy Lumb, Jenni Marsham, Alice Middleton, Pat Nolton, Abby Sarah Paterson, Louise Ramsay, Dave Rowe, Katie Schofield, Chris Smith, Beverley Stokes, Liz Sugden.

The Calvert Care Centre has been a part of a City-wide arts and health programme which aims to enhance the environment of health care facilities for the benefit of patients and staff.

Documentation of The Calvert Centre Project (2007)